Save Tonight Eagle-Eye Cherry

This is another simple Eagle-Eye Cherry song which will introduce a new chord, the F chord. This chord is a little bit more complicated and may take some practice to get the hang of.


Here are all the beginner guitar chords for reference

Lyrics and Chords

 (intro 4x) Am     F     C     G

         Am     F     C     G
Go on and close the curtins
        Am  F  C        G
All we need is candlelight
        Am  F    C             G
You and me and a bottle of wine
           Am          F  C  G
Gunna hold you tonight

        Am   F   C         G
well We know I'm going away
      Am      F         C      G
How I wish... wish it weren't so
         Am     F        C     G
take this wine and drink with me
            Am       F   C   G
Lets delay our misery

     Am      F   C               G
save tonight and fight the break of dawn
     Am      F C               G
Come tomorrow tomorrow I'll be gone

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          Am F       C   G
There's a log on the fire
       Am   F       C    G
And it burns like me for you
         Am      F      C    G
Tomorrow comes with one desire
Am          F       C    G
To take me away

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